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Sew-On Clearance Grab Bag
Sew-On Clearance Grab Bag

Sew-On Clearance Grab Bag

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We need to clear out some space for new stock. We put together a few grab bags to clear out space quickly. This Grab Bag features 49 sew-on crystals. This grab bag is perfect for earring makers. There’s only 3 available, so scoop this up while you can.

These sew-on crystals have a flat back and holes that allow them to be sewn down securely. Made in Austria.

We at Bead & Powwow Supply believe in using the best materials for art and regalia that will last for generations. These Swarovski Crystals will do just that. Austria-based Swarovski Crystal is renowned for its quality all over the world. These sew-on stones are incredibly sparkly. In sunlight, they are positively dazzling and they glimmer even in low light. They are perfect for contest powwow regalia, contemporary native-style earrings, and other contemporary bead art.

These crystals are hardy and can withstand some wear and tear. However, they can get scratched if not properly stored. Do not let crystals rub against each other or against glass beads. If used on powwow regalia, we recommend storing in a dark place, between layers of soft fabric.

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