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SOLD OUT Size 3 Bugle Beads Opaque Black
Size 3 Bugle Beads Opaque Black

SOLD OUT Size 3 Bugle Beads Opaque Black

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Bugle Beads are long, hexagon-shaped tubular beads. They have a certain sparkle and flash, quite similar to 11/0 2-cuts. Bugle beads are popular for earrings and jewelry. For powwow outfit makers, bugles are a quick way to fill in large pieces of beadwork. However, since they are longer than seed beads, they can make beadwork very stiff. So, we do not recommend using these to fill pieces that need to move with the dancer. We acquired our selection of bugle beads when we bought the Czech bead stock from Flying Feathers Trading Post. We have decided not to continue this line, so we are clearing out what we have at these prices. Take advantage of this deal while you can – you do not want to miss this chance.

Size 3 Bugles measure approximately 7mm in length. This is the size bugle bead most commonly found on earrings, jewelry and on the powwow trail. For beading bugles, we recommend a Size O Nymo thread and Size 12 Beading or Sharps needles. The Extra Long Beading Needles are also a great option if you need to string many bugle beads at a time. Sold by the hank. Hank contains approximately 1000 beads. Made in the Czech Republic.

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