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SOLD OUT Crystal Grab Bag
Crystal Grab Bag

SOLD OUT Crystal Grab Bag

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Here’s a fact about bead stores: things will start to pile up. One day, after a few or maybe 7 years of business, the newly-promoted Warehouse Manager may say “perhaps we should try to get rid of some of the random beads taking up shelf space.” And that is why we are offering this amazing deal.


This package contains:

12 yards of rhinestone chain (4 yards each of gold, bronze and silver)
9.86 yards of plastic rhinestone banding (in pieces ranging from 4.5” to 3 yards)
30 10mm Volcano Sew-on Rivoli Crystals (these crystals may have some minor scratches or chips)

To attach rhinestone banding to beadwork, tack down the strings between the stones. Some artists use glue – a generic craft glue will work. For tight curves, tack down one side of the strings first and then tack the second side separately. For earrings and other edging pieces, it is easier to attach the banding when the beadwork is finished. For leggings, moccasins or other large beaded pieces, it can be easier to attach the banding before beading. Rhinestone banding can also be used to do the vines on floral pieces, outline geometric beadwork and trim pieces.

Sew-on crystals have a flat back and holes that allow them to be sewn down securely. Crystals are made in Austria.

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