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SOLD OUT 9/0 3-cuts Opaque Light Red Bunch (10 Hanks)
9/0 3-cuts Opaque Light Red Bunch (10 Hanks)

SOLD OUT 9/0 3-cuts Opaque Light Red Bunch (10 Hanks)

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The Opaque Light Red is a classic red hue, that brings to mind lipstick, firetrucks, and the ripe, juicy cherries of a northern Michigan summer. This color will go extremely well with fire-themed pieces, as well as bright florals and geometric designs. If you are looking for a bright red that “pops”, this is that color.

Opaque glass does not allow any light to pass through the bead. This gives these beads a solid look while still shiny. Many of our customers refer to this as the “regular” or “plain” beads as they are some of the most commonly found beads in both historical and contemporary indigenous bead art.

3-cuts are popular for indigenous bead art, especially beaded earrings and powwow beadwork. They are especially shiny, glittery, and glamorous. The manufacturing process includes reheating the beads to add random facets, which adds extra flashiness. This process is labor intensive and adds to the manufacturing costs, which is why these are some of the more expensive Czech beads on the market. Their unique shape makes 3-cut beads great for applique, lane stitching, and bead-stringing but they are unsuitable for peyote stitch, loomwork or other projects requiring strict uniformity.

Size 9/0 3-cuts measure approximately 2.6mm. We recommend a Size 10 needle and Size D Nymo thread for most bead art using 9/0 3-cuts. Sold by the hank. Hanks contain approximately 3,000 first-quality, glass beads strung on 10 strands. Made in the Czech Republic.

This is a bunch of 10 standard hanks. You will receive 10 hanks strung together.

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