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SOLD OUT 2018 Holiday Grab Bag (Bright)
2018 Holiday Grab Bag (Bright)

SOLD OUT 2018 Holiday Grab Bag (Bright)

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Here’s a fact about bead stores: things will start to pile up. One day, after a few or maybe 7 years of business, the newly-promoted Warehouse Manager may say “perhaps we should try to get rid of some of the random beads taking up shelf space.”

And that is why we are offering this deal. This set contains 5 hanks of 2-cut beads in sizes and colors that we do not normally stock. The set contains one hank of each of the following:

8/0 2-cuts Copper/Grey Lined
10/0 2-cuts Transparent Dark Smoke Topaz   
10/0 2-cuts Transparent AB Yellow   
10/0 2-cuts Silver Lined Crystal   
10/0 2-cuts Metallic Matte Pink    (this pink color WILL rub off eventually)

2-cuts are great for powwow beadwork. They have a certain sparkle and flash but are more economical than other cut beads. They do have sharp edges on the ends and can cut threads. We do not recommend these for peyote stitch, bead-weaving, loomwork, or any other beading technique where the ends touch threads. For applique/flat stitching, if you’re having a problem with broken threads, here is our advice. When pulling the thread through the bead, be sure to pull it straight out of the hole. Do not pull it up and against the edge, this can cause your thread to fray and eventually break.

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