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Needle Case 2.25"
Needle Case 2.25"

Needle Case 2.25"

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Part Number:ST01372-2
Do you ever find yourself with several beading needles on hand? Do you wear through the needle envelopes on your powwow travels? Or do you use unfinished pieces of beadwork as handy needle storage? If any of that is true, you need one of these wooden needle cases.

This needle case is small and compact, so it will fit easily in your bead bag or powwow outfit repair kit. The lid closes tightly, to keep your vital tools safe. At 2 ½ inches in length, it’s just long enough to hold a beading needle. Sharps are an easy fit.

Sold by the pair (2). Made in the USA.

I loved to bead when I was a kid. That’s probably why I came to own a bead store. Anyway, one Christmas, my mom got me the most amazing gift. She had her friend peyote stitch one of these wooden needle cases. It had a floral pattern and a hummingbird on it. I loved that needle case! I carried it everywhere with my beadwork and showed it off. The handle of my dance fan is similar to that needle case and I love that too. Sadly, somewhere in my frequent moves, I lost that needle case.

If you are a peyote-stitch bead artist, consider beading some of these up for gifts or for sale.

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