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Chinese Rhinestone Banding Sample Set
Chinese Rhinestone Banding Sample Set

Chinese Rhinestone Banding Sample Set

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This set contains 11 full yards of Chinese Grade A SS6 Rhinestone Banding. It’s a great gift for an experienced earring-maker or beginning bead artist. SS6 is a small rhinestone and this size banding is the preferred choice for many earring

Set contains 1 yard (36 inches) of each of the following:

CH60580-AB Chinese SS6 Neon Pink/Crystal AB
CH60680-AB Chinese SS6 Fuchsia/Crystal AB
CH62580-AB Chinese SS6 Neon Orange/Crystal AB
CH63580-AB Chinese SS6 Neon Yellow/Crystal AB
CH64580-AB Chinese SS6 Neon Green/Crystal AB
CH65580-AB Chinese SS6 Turquoise/Crystal AB
CH66880-AB Chinese SS6 Royal Blue/Crystal AB
CH67680-AB Chinese SS6 Purple/Crystal AB
CH68180-AB Chinese SS6 Clear/Crystal AB
CH68280-AB Chinese SS6 White/Crystal AB
CH68980-AB Chinese SS6 Black/Crystal AB
CH69180-AB Chinese SS6 Eggshell/Crystal AB

Rhinestone banding is popular for contemporary indigenous beadwork. It features a crystal set in a plastic and strung together. These rhinestones are strung together tightly, so this banding is not as flexible as other bandings. Chinese banding is the more economical option. While still a very high quality, it is not as durable as the Czech Rhinestone Banding. We do not recommend this product for powwow regalia or other items that will experience a lot of wear and tear. However, it is a great option for earrings, jewelry or other items that will experience light use.

Made in China.

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