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5" Knife-edge Sewing Scissors
5" Knife-edge Sewing Scissors

5" Knife-edge Sewing Scissors

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These Gingher Scissors are perfect for the on-the-go beader or powwow-outfit repair kit. They are sharp, durable, and include a leather pouch for storage. Gingher is known for their excellent quality tools.

Made in Italy.

Available online and in our showroom. We bring this product to powwows only by request. Please Contact Us if you will be at a powwow on our Event Schedule and would like to purchase these.

I am fond of telling long, rambling, allegedly pointless, slightly exaggerated stories. Anyone who has shopped at our powwow booth or showroom can vouch for this. It’s only fair that online shoppers should have the same opportunity. Below is a short piece about scissors. – Autumn “Ellie” Mitchell – Owner of Bead & Powwow Supply

When I was a kid, my mom had a rule – don’t cut paper with The Fabric Scissors. For a lengthier discussion of this, please see 7" Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears

I thought was insane, as a child. As an adult, I fully embraced this policy and taken it further. My mom had a pair of Fabric Scissors and a pair of Craft Scissors, which were used for leather, sinew, and basically any craft thing that was neither fabric nor paper.

Personally, I have Fabric Scissors, which are hardly used – I am most definitely not a seamstress. I also have Leather Scissors, Thread-Snipping Scissors (2 pairs, in fact), Hank-Tying Scissors, Rhinestone Banding Cutting Scissors. I even have scissors solely dedicated to trimming brain-tanned hide from my beaded earrings. I sometimes can’t find a screwdriver, but scissors? No less than 12 pairs in the house/office/powwow van.

You don’t have to be that strict with your scissors. You can cut fabric, sewing thread, and beading thread with the same pair. Store these scissors in the leather pouch when not in use.

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