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SOLD OUT Missouri River Adult Gold Jingles
Adult Gold Jingles (100 pc)

SOLD OUT Missouri River Adult Gold Jingles

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Part Number:JC0244A-100
These jingle cones are made specifically for Jingle Dresses of the modern powwow. They are Missouri River Brand, noted for its logo featuring two feathers. The Jingle Dress is a beautiful, dignified dance whose signature metal jingles give it its name. The dress (and dance) originated in the early 20th Century, amongst the Ojibwe peoples of the Great Lakes. It was shared with other tribes and has surged in popularity. The Jingle Dress is now commonly seen at powwows across North America.

There are many different teachings and stories related to the Jingle Dress. For specific information about dress construction, teachings, rules, taboos, etc, one should seek the knowledge of elders and dancers in one's native community.     

The cones measure approximately 2.75 inches in length. The bottom opening is about 0.5 inches across while the narrow, top measures approximately 0.375 (3/8) inches across. The top allows for a double fold bias tape to fit comfortably. An extra-wide double bias tape will also work with these cones although it may require some maneuvering. Jingle cones should be tied with bias tape, never ribbon. The edges of these metal cones can cut the delicate material of most ribbons. Bias tape should be knotted to prevent the jingle from slipping off.  

Sold in bags of 100. Made in Taiwan.

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