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Druk Roller Bead Opaque Black
Druk Roller Bead Opaque Black

Druk Roller Bead Opaque Black

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We are so very pleased that we now have Roller Beads online! We have a wide selection of colors in various finishes. These Druk-Roller Beads are a more economical option. They have a small hole that can be strung on thin/split sinew or on beading thread.

Roller beads are large beads used mainly for stringing projects such as breastplates, chokers, necklaces, etc. They are a little smaller than Crow Beads, measuring 5mm in stringing length (i.e. they will take up 5mm on the thread), 9mm across. They can be used along with Crow Beads on most projects*. They are the perfect option for community beading classes or short workshops. They are first quality Czech glass, making them an excellent option for powwow regalia and ceremonial items. They are heavier than the plastic versions out there, which is excellent for most projects. However, the weight can add up, especially on larger pieces, like breastplates. Please keep that in mind when designing.

Sold in bags of 50. Made in the Czech Republic.

*If a project requires strict uniformity in size, such as a weaving project, then we do not recommend mixing Crow and Roller Beads. Otherwise, feel free to combine to make awesome color combinations.

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