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Crystal Set
Crystal Set

Crystal Set

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This hand-picked selection of Grade A Chinese Rhinestone Banding and Swarovski Sew-On stones is a great gift for an experienced earring-maker or beginning bead artist. Ten pairs of sew-ons and eight yards of banding will make a great number of earrings!

Set contains the following:

1 yard of CH66880-AB Chinese SS6 Royal Blue/Crystal AB
1 yard of CH65580-AB Chinese SS6 Turquoise/Crystal AB
2 yards of CH68180-AB Chinese SS6 Clear/Crystal AB
2 yards of CH68280-AB Chinese SS6 White/Crystal AB
2 yards of CH68980-AB Chinese SS6 Black/Crystal AB
1 pair of SW591289 Swarovski Sew-On Stone Heart 12mm Jet
1 pair of SW591214 Swarovski Sew-On Stone 12mm Heart Light Siam
1 pair of SW001443 Swarovski Sew-On Stone 14mm Rivoli Crystal Paradise Shine
1 pair of SW001043 Swarovski Sew-on Stone 10mm Rivoli Crystal Paradise Shine
3 pairs of SW401600 Swarovski Sew-On Stone Square 16mm Crystal Unfoiled
1 pair of SW001495 Swarovski Sew-On Stone Rivoli 14mm Crystal Bronze Shade
1 pair of SW001475 Swarovski Sew-on Stone Rivoli 14mm Crystal Lilac Shadow
1 pair of SW001403 Swarovski Sew-On Stone Rivoli 14mm Blush Rose

Rhinestone banding is popular for contemporary indigenous beadwork. It features a crystal set in a plastic and strung together. These rhinestones are strung together tightly, so this banding is not as flexible as other bandings. Chinese banding is the more economical option. While still a very high quality, it is not as durable as the Czech Rhinestone Banding. We do not recommend this product for powwow regalia or other items that will experience a lot of wear and tear. However, it is a great option for earrings, jewelry or other items that will experience light use.

These sew-on crystals have a flat back and holes that allow them to be sewn down securely. These crystals are hardy and can withstand some wear and tear. However, they can get scratched if not properly stored. Do not let crystals rub against each other or against glass beads. If used on powwow regalia, we recommend storing in a dark place, between layers of soft fabric.

Rhinestone banding made in China. Sew-On crystals made in Austria.

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