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7" Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears
7" Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears

7" Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears

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These Gingher Scissors are perfect for the powwow outfit-maker. They are sharp, comfortable to use, durable, and feature a manufacturer warranty. Gingher is known for their excellent quality tools. These are shears that, with proper care, you could pass on to your grandchildren.

Scissors measure 7 inches in length.

Made in Italy.

Available online and in our showroom. We bring this product to powwows only by request. Please Contact Us if you will be at an powwow on our Event Schedule and would like to purchase these.

Here ends the informational item description. If you are satisfied with this description and are sold on this item, then please click "add to cart" and continue shopping or proceed to checkout. If you need a little more convincing or would like to be mildly entertained, please continue reading. What follows is a short narrative by Bead & Powwow Supply Owner, Autumn "Ellie" Mitchell.

The Fabric Scissors

Did you have seemingly random and ridiculous rules as a child? Inane guidelines that just made life harder for no reason. It was so when I was a child. My mom’s #1 Rule: Don’t use The Fabric Scissors for anything but fabric.

Other rules were bendable. Eating at the table was the norm, unless there was “good” show on. Wash the dishes after you get done with baking experiments – I became very adept at avoiding that one. Track mud through the house? Expect a scolding, but it was not too awful. Use The Fabric Scissors to cut paper – unforgivable. I’m writing this twenty years later, but I still cringed picturing my mom’s scowl.

Once, my older sister did cut paper with The Fabric Scissors. I remember this incident quite distinctly. We were at an after-school regalia-making class and we were laying out our outfits. My mom saved her lecture until we got into the car. It was that calm, cool voice that moms and aunties have; the one that’s worse than yelling.

In the intervening years, my mom has decided to bequeath me her beloved sewing machine. This is despite my total lack of sewing skills. “Sewing machines jam when I look them,” is what I like to say. So why would my mom leave me her sewing machine? Probably because I never cut paper with The Fabric Scissors.

It seemed so ridiculous at the time, but as an adult, I understand. Miigwech N’gashi for teaching me right.

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