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13/0 Charlotte Cut Transparent AB Cobalt
13/0 Charlotte Cut Transparen AB Cobalt

13/0 Charlotte Cut Transparent AB Cobalt

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We are happy to have our selection of 13/0 Charlotte Cut Beads online! It has taken us a while, but they are finally here. This is part of the stock that we bought from Flying Feathers Inc, in 2012. Some of these colors are no longer available to us, so order while you can.

Charlotte Cuts have one or two facets per bead, which gives them a subtle sparkle. They are particularly popular for “old style” beadwork. Size 13/0 is small enough to get a lot of details into earrings and florals. They are also fairly uniform, so they work well for peyote stitch and loom-work. We recommend a Size 13 beading needle and OO Nymo thread for these beads.

Transparent finish allows light to pass through these beads, giving them an extra shine. The AB (Aurora Borealis) aspect adds a rainbow appearance. They are great for adding depth to “old style” projects without using other, more contemporarily popular finishes.

Colors can vary slightly from different lots. If you order multiple hanks of one color, we try to match the lots for you. If you would prefer different lots, please specify that in your order comments. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Size 13/0 Charlotte Cut Beads measure approximately 1.6-1.8mm. Sold strung on “short” hanks, consisting of 12 12-inch strands. Approximately 3,000 beads per hank. Made in the Czech Republic.

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