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12/0 3-cuts Transparent Luster Orange (Clearance Bunch)
12/0 3-cuts Transparent Luster Orange (Clearance Bunch)

12/0 3-cuts Transparent Luster Orange (Clearance Bunch)

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When we receive inventory, beads come strung in ½ kilos or bunches. We break those up into hanks, tie them, label them and put them on the shelf. Occasionally, beads are not in the industry-standard hank and we have to do some mending to get them up to our high standards. And every once in a great while, we receive an item that is so tangled/unstrung that we cannot fix it. That is what happened here.

This bunch of 12/0 3-cuts Transparent Luster Orange is the equivalent of 10 hanks. It arrived from the distributor in this state and we do not want to attempt to restring it into standard hanks. So we are selling it at a lower price. The beads are first quality Czech 3-cuts and are mostly strung. It does contain some loose beads. However, the strings are so tangled, we do not want to handle it too much, for fear of losing beads.

This would be perfect for a medium-sized project, like a junior girl’s top set for powwow regalia. Or if you are an earring-maker with a strong love of the color orange, this is for you.

We only have 1 in stock. Sold as is. No returns or exchanges on clearance items.

Made in the Czech Republic. 12/0 3-cuts measure approximately 1.9mm. Contains the equivalent of 10 hanks, approximately 30,000 beads.

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