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11/0 2-cuts Satin Grey
11/0 2-cuts Satin Grey

11/0 2-cuts Satin Grey

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There is nothing as exciting as new bead colors!

These Size 11 2-cuts in Satin Grey have a softer look than other greys. They fit in perfectly with the other satin colors. Or use them with opaques, transparent lusters or metallics for some depth. Size 11 2-cuts also work well with Size 11 seed beads in applique beadwork.

Warning: these beads MAY FADE with prolonged exposure to sunlight. We have not had them long enough to test their color-fastness. We advise caution if you plan to use them in a powwow outfit. Earrings, jewelry and other items that are worn less often should be safe. As usual, store in a dark place, away from sunlight. This not only helps prevent color-loss but it also maintains the integrity of threads and fabric.

Please note that while all 2-cut beads have sharp edges near the whole of the bead, the satin colors seem to cut threads especially often. So we do not recommend using them for peyote stitch or loom-beadwork. For applique, be sure to pull the thread straight out of the bead, so that the thread does not pass along the edge of the bead. This will help prevent thread breakage.

2-cuts are hexagon shaped with several facets and are extremely flashy. Popular for applique and powwow beadwork. Sold by the hank; hanks contain 12 20-inch strands. Made in the Czech Republic.

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